Boosts should be saved when you lag out.

I was really excited when I got a legendary Arena RP boost. I went on to BTB and started searching. It went to black screen and threw me back at the main screen. I checked my boosts and there is no -Yoinking!- legendary boost. 343 get your -Yoink- together. I also had one friend and he lagged out with an ultra rare boost. So annoying! They should return your boost when you lag out! The only downside I see is with people who use mission victories and if they are losing they will start lagswitching. Has anything like this happened to you?

I agree, especially when it’s the servers’ fault. I’d suggest at least adding the option to file a support ticket.

I’ve lost probably 10 rarer than uncommon boosts through disconnects and actually gotten one by actually getting to finish a match.

Problem is though with getting boosts saved through disconnects, players could unplug their router to avoid losing a boost when they do not meet the requirements.

It has happened to me three times, when the whole game just crashes (before I even get to the animation for the start of the game) and I go back to the home screen (for Xbox One). Then I will look at the game history screen later on, and the disconnect doesn’t even show up on my game history. Therefore, that should mean that the boost should not be lost, but it does, and it needs fixing.

I was so pissed I kicked the -Yoinking!- table lol. It just disconnected on precisely that game.
There should be a way to detect lagouts.

It is a complete and literal rip-off, people often pay for these boosts in their req packs and then they are wasted on server problems, they should get the boost back or a free bronze req pack for all the frustration. I have lost about 4 or 5 boosts now (not to mention some really good stats), 343 needs to fix this soon, taking money for services NOT PROVIDED, even if it only amounts to pennies, those are my pennies -Yoink!-! Ridiculous garbage that can be fixed if they truly wanted to, do the right thing 343!