Boosts on a Timer is Unfair

With the current state of the game, the fact that EXP Boosts are tied to a real-world timer that ticks down in REAL TIME is absolutely ridiculous. As far as I can tell the only time boosts are actually applied is at the END of a match, so if a boost expires half way through a match you get zero credit from having it active at the beginning.

I’ve had matchmaking failure loops where I just keep getting joined into a match, then dumped back to the main menu, 2-3 times in a row. All wasting time on a boost that I had applied. I’ve had desync and lag so bad on some servers that it’s not fun to stay in the server, so I quit, wasting all that time that the boost was active for.

Heck, the fact that I can’t just use a server browser to join community-run dedicated servers in order to maximize my gameplay experience basically means I have ZERO control over how I play this game. I’m 100% reliant on 343 to provide quality servers (not going well so far), and have almost zero control over which region of servers I join. Sometimes I get servers with 30-40ms ping, but most of the time it’s 70-100 and extremely rubberbandy.

Since 343 forces us into matchmaking queues, all that time spent searching is wasted for any active boost.

I request that boosts be changed to one of the following alternative models:

  1. Boosts only count time spent in a match.
  2. Boosts double a fixed amount of EXP with no timer. Ex: Activate a Boost to Double the Next 1000 EXP Earned!

Please VOTE for which option you prefer:

Option two is actually the most fair to the player, as it doesn’t matter if you activate a boost now, and then only play 3 matches in a week. You get the same amount of boosted EXP until the actual boost “value” is expired.

Obviously 343 won’t do any of this though, as it’s anti-monetization. They gotta rack in money on the Free-to-Play crowd somehow unfortunately.

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Well they did double the time of the XP Boost from 30 min to an hour but at this point they should be working on fix to be implemented mid season or by next. I’m hopeful but realistically managing my expectations and not planning on it happening any time soon.

I liked how H5’s XP boosts worked to be honest.

Using a boost applied to only the next map. (So one current XP boosts would have to become a bundle of 5 XP boosts).

You could load an “XP boost”, which always gave you the same amount of bonus XP.

Or you could load an “XP Gambit”, which have you more XP than a regular boost, but you have to win the match for the payout.

Or you could load an “XP Jackpot” which would give you a random amount of bonus XP.

I would like Infinite to bring these back and not hurray tweak the current boosts


I’ve played games with a timer, I’ve played games without a timer. Games where you had to wager your boosts, games that just flat boosted everything.

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal when you have an entire hour of boost to go through. If it was 15 minutes, then yes it would be unfair might as well call it a game at that point. But an hour of boost is a non issue if it counts down if you can fit 5-8 games into it.

They already said way back they are looking into it. Originally it was just 30 minutes. Then they put it to an hour. Not perfect, but its better.
Just like the challenges, they are band-aiding the issues while bigger changes are worked on in the background.
But who knows if enough people stick around until then.