Boosting using fake ranks (ex: champion & silver)

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I regularly play doubles as I found it a good mode for training 1vs1 fights as well as improving the team play between my buddies. But something has bothered me lately. People using fake ranks to face easier players to make it easier to boost their ranks. I know it’s just a game and the rank resets after a month, but playing ranked means I want to face people equal to me or slightly better. But lately I face champion players grouped up with a fake ranked account to make it easier for them to boost their ranks. It’s a nobrainer that a champion player should be better than a platinum player. I am going to namedrop 2 players who does this regularly. Who have climbed from champion 77 to champion 13. <mark>-REDACTED-</mark> and <mark>-REDACTED-</mark>

I know it ain’t the rules but it’s a really cheap way of getting a rank they shouldn’t really have (she avoids matches against other champion players). All I’m saying is: If I’m in the platinum rank I want to face plat/diamond players, not champion players… I’m not gonna nag too much, as I try to use this as a motivator to beat them one day.