Boosting taken to new levels.

I am not about to call anyone out or name names but I was looking at some players game history the other night and was astounded by the lenghts some players will go to, to boost their KD spread in this game.

We came up against a guy in BTB who had an overall KD of about 8:1 across the game. Anytime I see high KD ratios like that I become suspect. His highest commendations were Close Quarters,Sprees and Multikills which in my experience usually means they have spent some time in Grifball, boosting their KD. So I went to Waypoint for a closer look.

The first grifball game i came across had a massive +698 KD spread and I found plenty more with KD spreads around the +400s to +500s. Then I found a rocket hog race game with a +212 KD spread. I thought that’s odd but when I looked and the game details I was left speechless.

Here we had 3 guys, on their main accounts, on one team and on one console and then on another 3 consoles were boosting accounts with 2 guest accounts signed into each console. So that 4 consoles, 4 TVs and 12 controllers just to boost one guys KD. The boosting accounts just get killed by the main accounts over and over and as they the main accounts are getting kills and on another console they will never be caught or credit banned for AFKing. The booster accounts obviously get credit bans for AFking but that doesnt stop them from doing what they are doing. How do i know they are boosting accounts. Well it was kind of a giveaway when they have the name XXXXXXX Booster Acct and HLG XXXXXX Bot Account.(not the accounts real names)
I pity these poor souls that they think that their boosted Kds mean something and would hate to play in their circle of friends that seem to think having a big KD in Reach is some type of badge of honour.

As i said i wont name names but some of these players are on the halo tracker leaderboards top 100 and top 10 and are well known players in the community. So sad really.

Unfortunately, people think stats matter and will boost to make their stats look good.

But once you have boosted, your stats are meaningless. They are now altered by boosting and can never show your true skill. But sadly, people who have a high KD from boosting think there gods.

Objective Games can become pointless as well, if 1 team is playing for kills to stat pad instead of playing the objective. They really need to think of a scoring system and allows both.

I remember REACH had a limited playlist where it was CTF and a Flag Score was worth 50 points I think. And the End Game Score was to 150 and each kill was worth a point. This meant that you could win by scoring no flags and getting 150 kills. Or you could get 2 Flags and only need 50 kills. Or just get 3 flags. I thought this was a great scoring system. And if you did get spawn trapped by stat padders, the game would end once 150 kills were scored.

If you are in a team of 8 in BTB you have to choose an objective game, as within a couple of minutes half the other team quit and if you are playing heavies you could spend 10 minutes hunting down the remaining players.
I have never boosted my K/D as it is completely pointless. I am a bomb carrier, therefore will often go negative… its all about the Win!!

I know exactly who you’re talking about lol. Used to change his GT like twice a month to avoid getting leaderboard banned, too

On the same note, it amazes me how little of a life people have to spend time boosting through such boredom on a four year old game.

In the end none of it matters if they step into a team slayer and get blue faced. K/D of 8 does not save you in the real play lists.