Boosting accounts and 3 shot BR kills?

The game itself had become the perfect breeding ground for abuse of level system and boosting accounts. I have lost about 40 rounds all against accounts made to take advantage of lower ranked players. It’s absolutely painful to try and play now… It feels as if you punish player whomaretryingto play correctly and then if we quit out of a match where people are exploiting your service/servers then we get punished on top of the punishment of your neglect to monitor your game. It’s absurd…

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Well I just got banned again for not wanting to partake in a boosted team slater round that was like 21 to 3 and I quit. A 9 hr ban. Lol well I’m going to make a new account and now troll the way I’m supposed to just like your encouraging. So here I go making the game as unenjoyable as possible just like everyone else.
Thanks i I figured out what to do