Booster frame in Halo 4?

Would’t it be cool if the Booster frame was in halo 4? For those of you who don’t know, the <mark>Booster frame was the vehicle the Spartans drove in Halo Legends: The package</mark>. It would be cool for a spartan ops mission on defense! Or Super territories! Like there are 4 orbital stations, and each team has to gain control of them. what do you think?

Ugh. Don’t remind me about The Package.

Besides. If Booster Frames make their way into H4, then I want the Yggdrasil Armor as well.


> i hear that! legends should be locked away in a vault somewhere.


Everything about Legends is fine, except for the lack of squid lips the Elites have in The Duel, except for The Package, which has several canon issues on top of adding a strain to the existing timeline of events.

The Booster Frames themselves?

I actually geeked out a little. Even if they don’t make 100% plausible sense.