Boost is good but needs some changes

First off I love the new mobility of the game. Traversing the map has never felt so good and I’ve never felt more like a super soldier. The problem comes when the combat starts. That great feeling when you land 4 perfect shots then the head shot in halo is gone. Now land few shots only to have the enemy boost away before he loses the engagement. Then the chasing begins. Just think boost should be used more as a map positioning tool and not as much a combat tool.

few tweaks think would make combat better and please both sides of the halo community.

  1. Make boost delay a few seconds if your shot. The same delay after you use it.

  2. Make it where you can only boost if at full shields.

  3. Keep boosting forward and back the same but make left and right boost much weaker. Like only a foot or two. Like this the best.

Just think something needs to be done. The combat is so sloppy and every kill is just finishing off someone else’s kill. It’s way to fast and easy to go from out in the open to perfect cover. The cqc combat is great! But those good BR/DMR battles are gone. Constructive comments please and new suggestions.