Boost Glitches (Arena) and Qualifying for Breakout

Dear Halo 5: Guardians Support:

I have a few issues that I would like to address. The first issue I have is that I have used a number of boosts that indicate once I finish a game of a specific type I will earn either a legendary or rare req pack depend on which boost I have. With regards to this, every time I used a rare or legendary boost and finished the game I received nothing. Could you please explain to me why this is the case? and if so can this be remedied? The second issue I have is that I qualified for silver league in the Breakout game type. I have played that same game type with my friends and they qualified into platinum league for breakout. I have not played this game type in any other instance. I would love to know why that is the case? and if so can this be remedied? On a more positive note I do enjoy the game and it was done and crafted well in my opinion. If you could please address these issues and attempt to remedy the I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration.