Booses spawning outside playable area in warzone

Here’s some footage
Not sure why this happened or how often is happens. But hopefully this gets on someone’s radar at 343i and they know this issue exists. Isolated incident, only seen this happen once.

Lol, i meant bosses not booses. My bad

I’ve played about 150 warzone games and I didn’t notice that. Must be something rare. I’d rather have the warzone assault bug fixed ASAP

I’ve never come across this, played about 100 games of Warzone maybe. I’m sure it’ll get noticed by someone at 343i and get patched soon enough. At least the bosses don’t have to be killed for the Warzone match to be completed.

He didn’t spawn there. Someone knocked him off the platform with a banshee, a spartan charge or ground pound. Seen it happen a couple of times.