boom its a topic you should read

Today me and my friends were looking through the forums when we came upon a topic written by a fan named burninghero74 i read his post about the potential of firefights future and i have to say this fan had some amazing ideas 343i should definitely look at his post because everything he said is pretty much what me and my friends have always wanted firefight to be like he was pretty spot on in his discussion. plus me and each of my friends had there own little idea of something they wanted added or changed so we decided to put them into one post so here they go.

nick. one thing i thought was cool back in halo 2 was as marines got shot or hit by an enemy they would look injured or they had blood marks on their bodies or face and even when there helmets came off it just made the combat feel a bit more real to me.

abby. one thing i noticed in halo 4s campaign is that there were no girl marines at all there were girl spartans and crew members but not one girl marine i really enjoyed the ones in reach because i didnt feal like the only girl on the battlefield.

brandon. my topic has to do with the marines to in every halo game theres been one basic armor for the marines and then they add little details so they all dont look the same like the following(orange visor,green eye piece,ammo pouches,back packs,or a different camo to them. but in halo 4 there were so many looks to the marines and mix matches to the armor that i couldnt take them as a seriously military at if they would of kept that white armor look and just added little details to them like i mentioned above then they wouldve been alot more cooler and serious looking. the cutscene at the very beginning of the game when it shows spartans dating back to the beginning of the war they all had master chiefs new mark 6 armor ok 1 i thought that was his own unique armor that cortana had done some upgrades to. two for the marines in the cutscene they should of shown the marines from halo reach or halo wars to make it more legit to the timeline not the ones from halo 4, and 3 the elites should of had there military armor not the armor from halo 4!!!.in the future 343 dont make these mistakes in cutscenes please.

mark.more bigger and better maps with changeable time and weather ,my dream was to have an all out snow battle on forge world at night in firefight with marines,covenant,and flood just like the canyon in halo ce.

alex. make a game mode in firefight called annialation where 1 you and your friends choose what side they want to be on either covenant,unsc,or flood and boom the game starts with each team (except for the flood) spawning by being flown in either by pelican or phantom now as you land of course youll have pre maid bases with viechals. from there the goal is to completely wipe out the other team by either killing everyone on the team or by planting a bomb at the others teams base (it will take at least 40 seconds to plant) but once you blow up the base that team can no longer spawn in so pretty much whos ever left alive on that team with the destroyed base has two choices either go into last stand mode or recapture and build a new base where their old base back to when the game starts you will have 20 ai with you to help fight now as you rack up kills you can earn either one air support from either a pelican or a phantom where they just provide overwatch for your team or a weapons drop,special ops drop(which would either be covenant honor guards or spartans depends on the team),or for more rienforcements 15 extra troops. now for the forerunners they spawn periodicly and attack both teams. now for the flood youll either be a flood elite or spartan and what you can do will be the funnest of all you spawn at a flood controlled area of the map with a ton of infection spores you have to kill enemies to give the spores bodies to infect or if the ai is low on health they can get infected. now the flood doesnt plant a bomb at the base they consume them making them into a hive for more flood . tell me that wouldnt be fun as heck to have in halo plus your ai marines or covenant spawn in every 5 minutes by pelican or dropship (imagine you have 6 marines left then you see pelicans packed with troops flying in to support you that would make me feel awesome but remember drop ships can be shot down and have 4 survivors max sometimes the pilot would live to.

john.bring back the elites as a playable charater in mutiplayer with there own unique armor,emblems,and so forth

maddy. in halo im sick of not having a hero with a face 343 can you please alow us to beable to customize a face for our spartan so i can be my own hero in halo WITH A FACE.

amy. i love bieng a pilot in halo please bring back the falcon,hornet, and please the pelican i love the pelican so much just the idea of flying my friends into battle makes me happy

and that raps that up thanks for reading this far and listening to what we had to say your all awesome cant wait so see you on the battle field