BOMBSHELL - New Forge Discoveries

I just experimented with playing with dominion in Forge.

What I found…SHOCKED ME.

It is possible to assign the DOM_BASE maptag to anything, including vehicles.

After playtesting, I was able to transform a Banshee into a “base” on Dominion. I could capture the banshee when it was landed by holding X. The only downside, is obviously what would happen if the vehicle were to be destroyed? Seems like it could result in some glitches. i’ll test.

I assume similar things are possible with DOM_TURRET and DOM_DOOR, more testing will be needing. I wonder if assigning DOM_BIGSCREEN to a vehicle gives the vehicle a portable screen ingame?

But holy hell, this changes everything.

A custom game where you have to capture the enemy team’s mantis to win? The possibilities are endless with this.

i’ll need to run more experiments.

That’s awesome!

nice find! i can see some really creative stuff coming out of this

Wow this is great! I can imagine a game mode with a neutral mantis in the center and no other vehicles. Whoever can spend the most time in the Mantis wins.

UPDATE: If a vehicle that is assigned a DOM_BASE value is destroyed, the base is taken out of play until the vehicle respawns. Once the vehicle respawns, you can capture it again. HOWEVER…the waypoint is no longer there. For obvious games where the goal is made clear to capture vehicles, this won’t be a problem.

UPDATE #2: I lied. I trusted someone but they lied. DOM_TURRET is useless on anything that isn’t a Base Turret object, as far as I know. I haven’t tried it on non-vehicles, though.

Also, assigning DOM_BIGSCREEN to a vehicle disables and glitches all existing big screens, making them useless. Bleh.

It seems that the popup barricades that are used when fortifying bases can be lined up vertically side by side to create a “Door”. I wonder if this means people can forge hallways and rooms that can only be accessed when a specific base is captured?

UPDATE #3: Creating a “door” itself is impossible. HOWEVER, there is a consolation prize!

You can line up the barricades upside down against walls. When the base is fortified, the barricades extend, creating a bridge, that of course, will only appear as long as that base is fortified.

In ADDITION, Assigning DOM_VPAD (vehicle pad) to a building block or any non vehicle-pad object spawns the object when the base is fortified it appears. This means you could create entire buildings or structures that only appear as long as a base is fortified. Since you have like 10 bases to work with, you can only imagine the possibilities.

UPDATE #4: Hahahah…holy -blam!-…you guys want to see some trippy stuff? Give a base a tag of DOM_BASE and DOM_VPAD…hahahahahaha…what the -blam!- man.

Anyway, it seems like DOM_VPAD is the most interesting discovery so far. I’m done for the day.

If someone wants to test, get 2 people and see if capturing an enemy base will delete their VPAD objects, or if once an object is VPADDED, it’s there forever.

Also, try experimenting with the pop up barricades. I suspect there will be more people can do with them than just creating bridges.