Am i the only person that thinks the boltshot shoots confetti? (its weak)

Not to offend the boltshot lovers of course

Yea the bolt shot got a severe nerf after that 6month update. Still functional at melee range.

Well to be honest, I always thought of the Boltshot as: “The path to the noob side.”

The range is so short that any “noobs” using it almost always get gunned down by you before they get into range or charge up the boltshot. I wouldn’t worry.

The Boltshot is a weapon best used defensively. When you’re retreating into cover and you see a guy on your radar trying to hunt you down, that’s the best time to use it. It also has a high rate of fire when you don’t use it charge up mode, and since it can get headshots it makes an excellent finisher when your rifle gets empty in the middle of a fight.

It’s stupidly powerful against idiots, but overall I think it’s balanced pretty well after the 1month instant reload fix and 6month range reduction.

Surprisingly, the single fire works decently well if I run out of ammo and need one headshot to finish. Only advise using it when you have something that’s not dexterity, as otherwise the mid-fight BR reload isn’t a death sentence.

I never really used the boltshot because I never really liked it as a weapon

I honestly didn’t notice a difference. Happy they finally nerfed it. Was -Yoink!- me off a lot.

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> I never really used the boltshot because I never really liked it as a weapon

I’ve never even used it in the campaign or in Spartan Ops. I just wouldn’t choose it over other weapons that are available. Apparently though, it can take down a knight with a charged shot…
I just find that if I use it in Co-op I fair better with other secondary guns because I cant seem to be able to get it charged up enough or I just get gunned down. I don’t think I’m been giving it a fair trial though. I might use it again soon and on other game modes.