Boltshot suggestion thread!

I think the majority of players feel the boltshot needs a bit of tweaking. Personally, I feel some of the kills I get at close range come to quickly for a sidearm. My fix idea is as follows…

  1. You have to wait the FULL CHARGE to get the full effect of the shot.
  2. Boltshot would make a very distinctive sound when charging (Think of the torque bow from the GOW series…)
  3. A yellow aura of light will form around the player while charging the shot. This aura will be identical to the one from the plasma pistol charge, just a different color.

Damage and range would remain the same from the weapon, but I think these changes would fix a few of the major problems like…

  1. People camping corners with it.
  2. Quick swapping to it and being able to charge–> shoot in relatively short period of time.

What do you all think? Let me know below, or add in your own suggestions!

I’m using boltshot for some of my loadouts and I 100% agree with this.

I just think it would allow the weapon to still be viable and maintain its late unlock position while giving other players more time and warning as to when it’s being used.

Right now, I could get this weapon to a lethal charge in like 3/4 of a second, lol.

It won’t make a difference. The charge time is one second. One second does not give you time to react regardless of what you see or hear.

I think the range should be cut big time. The max distance that it kills you right now should be the max distance that the weapon does damage at all…and it should drop your shields at that distance. Within melee range is the only range it should kill you. Anything beyond should not be fatal unless your shields are low.

Personally, I don’t think a one shot kill weapon belongs as a starting weapon. This weapon, combined with the DMR, discourages short to medium range combat and encourages corner camping and long range DMR spam.

But if it has to stay, I’d say just a simple damage cut will do.

Beat it with pointy sticks and then throw it into a massive fire.


So many people now using this weapon for its sheer overpowered cheapness, and if you are honest people, it is the real reason its in your loadouts right now

Regicide is just full of people now abusing this weapon, its charged up Alt fire is too quick for the damage that it does up close and thus makes it a weapon that changes the speed and tone of any match up

Hoping 343i are looking into some Weapon balances and corrections going forward, they might as well allow us to equip shotguns/Scatterguns in our loadouts as its just as deadly with the bolt shot pistol

The boltshot is fine. It’s literally the easiest thing to avoid dying to in the game; it’s far too situational to need a nerf.

Here’s a hint… if you know someone is camping around a corner with a boltshot out (not too hard to figure this out), then either grenade them, avoid them, or wait for backup to help kill them.

Not like you can go all rambo style and rack up 20 kills with the boltshot against the helpless other team (unless they’re all baddies)

All the boltshot does is prevent chasing and allow you to abuse bad players who have no awareness. Both are good things.

I say just take the weapon outta MP

What about keeping the charge timing and mechanics the same, but making the weapon more like the sawed off shotgun from GoW? Increase the range horizontally, but drastically reduce distance?

The weapon is great in concept, but it is a bit too good at its job right now.

This weapon definitely needs a fix, and I’m almost certain it will get one. Just speculating as to what. It’s pretty easy to melt faces with this thing as it is, and yes, I DO have this in my loadouts, along with the DMR, because it helps me win :slight_smile:

I’m not going to handicap myself for the sake of playing “fair”.