Boltshot > Scattershot?

Okay, for those which have managed to get into 1 v 1s with close-ranged weapons like the Scattershot and Boltshot, have you not noticed how the Boltshot always seems to win? Whenever you’re up close and are aiming to get a clean kill, the “super charged” Boltshot will always have the larger impact and range.

Since anyone can equip a Boltshot in one of their loadouts, and the Scattershot is a weapon you only obtain through ordinance, the Scattershot should be the most destructive one. It makes no sense to have a default weapon outperform one from the ordinance in one of its prime-purposes. The Boltshot definitely needs to be nerfed.

It needs nerfing. We all know it and its fair to say 343i know it by now.

I must be the only one who cant use the boltshot. I keep trying but I cant seem to hit anyone with it lol.

I must agree, without talking about the Boltshot being a starting weapon while the Scattershot it’s pretty rare to find, the first one can kill almost always with one shot, while the scattershot seems underpowered as works like a normal shotgun (even less than UNSC one, becouse it’s more powerful but has a more close range)


  1. Needs to be charged + Shoots automatically when fully charged
  2. Long cool down between shots
  3. 2 shots per clip (excluding glitching)
    4)Makes a giant noise and flsh when charging.


1)insta shots
2)small cooldown
3)5? shots a mag

They are not comparable. Boltshot isnt really that good unless people are stupid/rabid

Thats my 2 pence

The Scattershot easily beats the boltshot.

Just that the Scattershot has a terrible range-damage proportion.