Boltshot Mastery Tips

Please don’t flame me, but I’m currently working on getting Forerunner Loadout mastery starting with the Boltshot. Is there a preferred playlist for this particular weapon? I ask because it is taking me a while just to get there, so any advice is very appreciated.

Just… Don’t… Please don’t use the boltshot :’(

Go to Regicide. I won’t be playing there until it is a full FFA playlists.

Lol but seriously I believe that would be the best playlist for you

Yep Regicide most likely.

You don’t need our approval, If you wanna use it use it

Hell I’m just 30 away from mastery and then off to the PP

OT: Just play normal Team Slayer or Objective KoTH are good

> Just… Don’t… Please don’t use the boltshot :’(

He wants to get the forerunner mastery commendation so I’ll sympathize with him for now. OP, just don’t get too used to using it…

OT: Regicide is probably the best place to use it. It’s small and most often than not, you’ll be in the range of a 1sk.

Just run with a full team in either BTB or Infinity Slayer while all of you and your teammates run Boltshot, DMR, Sleight of Hand Pro, Marathon and any AA that is either active camo, jetpack, or Bromethean vision.