Boltshot is Fine in Infinity Slayer

While the boltshot has no place in competitive play, I have no issue with its presence in infinity aka fiesta slayer. Most of the maps are huge and the only way you die from the boltshot is if you blindly rush someone with the AR. Every thread on the boltshot always has someone complaining that “omg i tried to double melee someone and got boltshoted; take this gun away cause i suck.”

Additionally, people complain that the boltshot is more powerful than the shotgun due to its ability to carry damage over range. Let’s be clear: you get ONE shot with the boltshot and if you miss you will die. Not only is its cooldown time long, but it also has a long charge time. The shotgun can get off multiple shots in the time the boltshot can get one off. In a gametype where everyone is running around with a power weapon I do not see how this is an issue.

This isn’t Reach; stop going for double melee/AR melee.

This is the first thread i have seen since the title update that NERFD the botlshot was released, so i think that your the only one complaining about it. And all the complaint threads do not mention problems about double meleeing and the charge time is not that long. Most people would run out with it as soon as they saw someone. I think that it should have had a spread from the beginning but its good now.


The boltshot was never a problem, its the players who cant deal with it, who have the problem.

> The boltshot was never a problem, its the players who cant deal with it, who have the problem.

For me, its not that it was a problem, but i would always experience at least one game where you had this one person who was camping with the boltshot waiting to run out and kill you with it. Or they would shoot it and strip down your shields and go for a head shot with a precision rifle, or run out and shoot you as soon as you were distracted by a fight with one of their teammates.

Like a said, this was not an every day thing, but it was really annoying when it happened

It’s fine now that it’s almost useless and pretty much irrelevant in combat.

Never had a real issue with it myself. Like you pointed out, you only get the one chance with it. However the fact you can START off with a weapon that can beat out a shotgun, sword, etc, is pretty friggin’ unfair. Regardless of how many chances they get.

> The boltshot was never a problem, its the players who cant deal with it, who have the problem.

It is a problem when it has a longer one shot kill range than both shotguns, and it is a problem when it can out beat an cqc weapon power or starter, and it is also a problem when it is the only starter that can one shot kill.

I don’t think the boltshot is that amazing, and I don’t see why they would get rid of it. I mean, you have to get really close and not miss for the boltshot to kill someone; not to mention that you have to charge it.

The boltshot is perfect for competitive play. Just on the map and not in loadouts.

> The boltshot was never a problem, its the players who cant deal with it, who have the problem.

Spawning with shotgun…

Trust Us™

Spawn with a 1 hit kill weapon - awesome

Oh look more cry babies. Despite the nerfs people still manage to complain about the stupidest stuff. Just play the game. I swear people spend more time on here complaining than playing.

Boltshot is fine just not as starting weapon.There should never be a one shot kill starting weapon,but it’s in the game now so live and learn 343… but since the update i would say it’s much better.I used to get killed SO far away by it was a joke lol I do think it’s much better now.I had np getting killed by it,but not when i’m 25’ away,lol and to the person who said it’s not better then the shotgun because you can get more shots off quicker with the shotgun…ya that’d be true but the boltshot would kill you everytime from very far away and the shotgun is crap far away.Now with the update the boltshot makes much more sence and the shotgun isn’t useless like before.My opionin of course.

To be fair there are quite a few instances where you can force somebody into boltshot range due to map design. Seeing as grenade pickup is not present by default, and grenades are weak anyway, most players will attempt to rush for the kill on a weak player, as there is nothing else they can do. There are places like the pillars in Haven’s top streets, and Adrift’s lift hallways where a player can hide and force a rushing player into boltshot range, which is unfair as they spawned with the weapon, and put themselves in a bad situation in the first place, only to have the other player punished for flawed game design.