Boltshot compromise

Keep it a 1 shot kill weapon

Keep its range

Keep its ammo count

But… Only one shot kill if fully charged and releases on its own. Or even just a tiny fraction of a second, just a smaller window before it auto fires, keep its full 1 shot kill power

If released sooner than that narrow window of “1 shot kill” have it do something close to the damage of a sniper to the body, still ridiculously powerful for a starting weapon IMO but more reasonable than a 1sk weapon. Hell, it’s still more damage than an overcharged plasma pistol…

So it’s not a nerf, more of a tweak. Fair compromise?

Question… What is the minimum charge time needed for a 1shot kill and what is the max charge time when boltshot just releases itself?

No, it would change nothing… It would be better if they reduce it’s range and uses whole mag to kill. Specially becouse your fix would change nothing: instead of killing, they would remove shields and go for melee directly, getting anyway the kill. With plasma pistol this can’t happen, as the charge time is much longer and if released before ready it does nothing. Proving that Boltshot is OP.

I know, still OP. but wouldn’t say it does nothing.

It would require them to, as you said… Perform also a melee ( or a nade/ switch to other weapon to finish off the kill)

The point of the compromise is to keep the bolt shot as the best choice but make it require other basic skills to keep its high lethality.