Boltok, I mean boltshot...

That gun is hard to pronounce, but all the forerunner guns look the same so thank God for the skins!

I wonder if it’ll be similar to the boltok and be a revolver with minimal zoom.

Rule #512: The Gears of War universe does not apply to Halo.
Rule #513: The Gears of War universe does NOT apply to Halo.

Meaning it won’t be a revolver. Or similar to a revolver. This is Halo, please stop thinking of Gears of War (even if that’s a nice game) when you’re going on about Halo stuff.

A slow firing, high damage (3-shot) pistol?
Though it fills the role for most games that use a revolver, it isn’t a revolver. That tech is old. When you’ve got a semi-auto, gas operated 50 cal, you don’t need a revolver.
The idea of having a drum that large to revolve as it unloads 8 or so rounds… That’s a silly profiled and heavy handgun.

From what I’ve seen in the weapons video, I’m guessing it fires bursts of flame. So, a CQB almost shottie-like pistol.