Body Types Expansion

This system has become much more flexible in player expression thanks to having both voice and body type being treated as separate toggles that you can choose at your own lessure, its great.

However I feel that we could use more body types for the player spartan.

specifically both more masculine and feminine body types that can go alongside the more androgynistic look of the current spartans as an option within the Slider, it could be tweaked to some form of spectrum slider to accommodate this.

since voices are no longer tied to bodily choice, it can also mean you have more butch looking female spartans along with more curvaceous looking male spartans if you wish.

Since you 343 are pushing more for player expression, it would be a win win to consider this, it might take great effort but one that I feel would be worth it in the end.

to Emphasise, simply add to what is inherently a good system in place, that is all.


Thanks for making another thread on this M3rc, Hopefully it doesn’t end up like the last one…

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Don’t worry, I will be keeping this one up, while its not a number one issue for me, I’m someone who loves character customisation in any form, so any opportunity to add to a great foundation is one worth chasing.

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I personally think the system they have now it fine as is. But if it means players can be more expressive with their spartan, I’m all for it!


Thats the idea, additions to what’s there.

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No harm in more options eh?

Exactly, a Win Win in this case.

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