Body types, armor color's and armor attachments

1-BODY TYPES- I understand you wanted to go for a ambiguous body for all players to feel included no matter who they are but the fact they can all just be seen as male bodys unable to tell them apart besides the slight waist change is underwhelming and alienating to all girls who have played feeling like a badass girl spartan its extremely hard to identify with my spartan especially my favorite Mark V armor when it doesn’t change from the heavy look of the male from the original game

SOLUTION- add more body Types and make armor fit the size of the spartan
ARMOR COLOR’S - everyone feels off about this because threw each game we could pick your own colors anytime you want and if your a players like me you already got a set color you like to be all the time in my case like in any other halo game I’d be white as primary color then pink as a secondary color but with how shaders are id probably gotta wait forever to get the desired shader by luck that they even get the combination I want in the store plus the chance the shader isnt for my armor at all in the first place is daunting SOLUTION- add a system were we can choose just the basic colors from other games for any armor type this won’t take away from the unique shaders you can keep selling in the store as well as give players their freedom to color their spartan how they want you could even sell color options that were never added in the original color pallet before or add as something to earn to help keep players incentivized-ARMOR ATTACMENTS -this is more a personal question as to if we can get two helmet attachments on mark V armor or something that acts as one but its really two cause to mimick my halo reach armor I would need two different ones for the air assualt helmet
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my thoughts please like if you agree with any of my points and give extra feedback im very passionate about character customization ever since reach and I know everyone at 343 has worked hard I just wanna feel as good in my character as I did playing halo reach in my favorite armor hope everyone stays safe and has a good beginning of 2022 I got lot of hope for halo infinite


Search on here for ‘body types’, ‘amor color’ (you’ll need to use your Amercan spelling) and ‘armor attachments’ - you’ll find a few threads on those that may be worth your while reading.

Are they talking about how they will be fixed or is it just basic info

It’s all just other forum members expressing their views

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Thanks ill definitely check it out

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