Body Types and Progression

After the decision to replace Male/Female GENDERS with Body Types. It was assumed these would represent at least something recognizable. But what we have are 3 body types they are the same.

Please, 343, replace one of these body types with an actual female-oriented/slender body. Or add one. in addition, none of the body type’s armors and limbs actually conform to their actual bodies. Making them all the same.

The solution, replace the body types entirely with a proper Male-type (Inspired by the Master Chief or Jorge; from REACH’s builds, ie a bulky muscular build), Female-type (Inspired by Alice-130 from Halo Wars 2, Kat from REACH, Palmer from 4, or Vale/Kelly/Linda from 5), and a balanced type of the two for non-binary (You could really leave the current Body Type 2 for this one, as it’s the closest you could get).

With that out of the way, the progression system (Challenge-system) doesn’t fit into the game. Sure you’ve (343) mentioned tweaking it, but this doesn’t make it better. In fact, lowering the XP just defeats the whole thing. I recommend replacing this current system in Halo Infinite with the same or similar one from Halo MCC.

As there is no reward for actually playing the game, no matter how you perform or if you win or lose, get absurd amounts of racked-up medals. You’re still stuck with 0 XP unless you complete a challenge, which is absurd compared to previous games.

MCC did it right, where you had a normal progression that rewarded players for their performance and actual fun. Or penalized them (Friendly fire), and AFK. And the challenges in MCC were just bonuses. I know this is all about making money, but you could still make money while making the average player gets rewarded for the playtime for actually playing objectives instead of how it is now.


  1. Replace Challenge-system with the XP/Performance system from MCC.
  2. Give us a body type that actually resembles a woman (slender/agile/smaller form).
  3. Make armors conform to each body type like they did in MCC (Originally) for example.

To 343, just some thoughts, suggestions, and feedback from a loyal Halo-fan and their friends since as far back as Halo 2 and CE. As for those reading this, I hope you are like-minded, but if you aren’t. Feel free to provide your own feedback on what I said. I’d love to hear your thoughts too, and I’d hope 343 would take what YOU have to say to heart as well.

P.s. I know this is similar to other posts, but all this needs to be said. And it’s easy for previous posts to be overlooked, or even outright closed.


I just want to say, in regards to my harsh feedback. I LOVE the rest of the gameplay. And I want to enjoy it so much, but with the two main points above. It just breaks it for me, and many friends of mine.

I would also recommend, adding the ability to choose game types (Like we had from MCC) where you could choose between SWAT or Slayer, etc

Hope you see this, 343.


This pretty much listed what I wanted to say, I’ma be real, this whole body system kinda sucks. They all look too similar, males alright if your going for it, but female just looks slightly thinner, that’s it… tbh I prefer Halo Reach, 4, and 5 female body types, since you can actually tell what gender instead of looking at some slightly skinnier spartan.


I really agree with it, I really think MCC had a unique battle pass system, and kinda wish that they kept it the same for halo infinite. Since I can do a game with 24k and 3d and have the same exp as a 0k and 39d for exemple, kinda sucks.
It would be the main reason for me that makes me stop playing. Because gameplay wise, the game is great, but progression wise its kinda boring

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Same, I haven’t even touched the game much since the recent update that halved the XP! Right now, you’re only guaranteed 50xp no matter what you do. Which is just aggravatingly wrong!

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Mhm. I agree with what someone said, there is ways to fix this while accomplishing what they initially set out to do. There are ways to make a female-oriented body type that isn’t over-sexualized. Which is why I have repeatedly pointed out previous characters like Alice-130 who was bulk but was noticeably female, compared to someone like John-117/The Master Chief.


Same, I agree. It doesn’t have to be over sexualized, but it has to be at least noticeable. Though, I do have preference to the halo 5 techsuit.


Nobody is asking for bikini mjolnir (and if they are just ignore them). I think Reach and Halo 5 did a reasonable job at it.


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They are going to lock this thread.
We all know why the body types aren’t assigned genders, why they are so similar, and they don’t list what the voice types are, you need to test them to know. They won’t change this unfortunately. The only hope is if the female fans get vocal enough, but females don’t get a voice in this discussion unfortunately.


My wife was very disappointed with what they did with body types.
I was as well. I agree with the post, they have been memory holing every thread that brings it up.
They really shouldn’t have even bothered to have body types. They are pretty much waistline types.


I for one am doing my best to get vocal about. Honestly, I am baffled by all the people that act like female secondary -Yoink!- characteristics should be taboo. But, even if I accept that, I want my Spartan’s appearance to look at least somewhat like me, and have armor that actually fits. Seriously, the armor we have doesn’t even fit the body types in the game.

Edit: Seriously, a word to describe biological traits is censored? Wow, okay.


I have been trying to start a fire about it on other forums. I feel for the female fans of the franchise.
It’s very disrespectful and awful. Hopefully it changes. Everyone should have a body type that they identify with.


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I was really surprised when the last thread got locked. I thought there were a lot of good ideas in it, but it ended up being locked for being sexist… Like there were women in the thread voicing our thoughts on what could be changed, but it was just shut down because a guy apparently is the authority on what’s sexist or not when it comes to how our bodies are. It just really made me feel sad. I don’t think anything is gonna happen either.


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It’s crazy that they are locking them. I’ve seen a few get locked calling female traits “secondary”
Men have invaded the female space and are making the rules I guess. It frustrates me beyond belief.


Honestly, that’s sad. We’re not asking for anything crazy here, we’re literally just asking for representation. It feels like 1920 all over again, why should we have to fight just for women to have a vote? It should be implied. Just as women shouldn’t have their body type/shape deleted from the world because it’s “secondary”. Miss me with that. Nothing “secondary” about women lol. They literally have a body shape that is usually different than men, that should be represented. And I know not all women have a body shape that is curvey, THAT IS OKAY, they should have representation too and be able to have a Spartan with a relatively similar body shape