Body type selection lackluster

Anyone else find the body type selection lack luster? It doesn’t even change the armor at all, just the suit underneath, and they all just look like different sizes of masculine body types, just small, medium, and large waists, nothing feminine. As someone who loves to play as feminine characters in games I find this really unfortunate. Halo 4 and 5 had some great distinctions between the body types that aren’t at all represented here. I guess it makes it easier for 343i as it means they only have to make a single variant for every armor core, but it takes away from the players ability to express themselves, and that’s a big step back in my opinion.


Even as male body types, they look like little weakliings.

They should have done one body type like Masterchief for males and then a female, then whatever other body type.


How is it sexist to have feminine features? It’s about giving players more options to express themselves. As it stands now there is not much in the way for player expression as all the body types just look the same, and even worse all the armor is the same between body types.


The problem is that there’s barely a difference between each selection, so picking one or the other is pointless. I’ve never been about to tell if another player is is using 0, 1, or, 2.

I suspect the body type selection was meant to be more than what we got. It was surely cut back for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the additional work to adjust every armor piece to the different types. So now all we get is a few changes that are not really noticeable unless you zoom way in to the waist.

And even if you do zoom into the waist it’s hard to tell like the only option I notice a difference on is the middle option

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Pretty sure 1 is meant to be the feminine one.

This thread is gona get closed real fast.

My opinion is this system is only slightly better than what we had in halo 3. A change in the voice.

Reach did it the best imo

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in the case of the smaller body types at current, it doesn’t help that it makes the armour look akin to baggy trousers, compared to previous body types in previous games where the armour is for the most part made around the body, think akin to saaaay… a power ranger suit so to speak, only more militaristic.


No, it’s mainly to thwart the idea that having a thinner character model will reduce your hitbox size.

Was that a problem in Halo reach, 4, and 5? And even if it were, you could still keep the hitboxes the same while just changing the mesh. It’s not like the differences would be that stark.


Nope it was never an issue


I feel it’s more sexist to leave women out of games than to include them. And this is coming from a woman. I do know some games “sexualize” their female characters, but I never felt Halo did that. Yeah, I find some of the fighting games my boyfriend has played a little awkward to play, but Halo, since Reach I’ve felt Halo had good representation. I mean, the characters are in freaking armor. They’re walking tanks. They is nothing sexist about how they’re portrayed, and I wish they’d give us back more feminine Spartans.


Like the hit boxes have never been a issue between spartan genders as they both used the same hit boxes

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Yeah, it’s as much of an issue as someone with a bunch of Up Armor attachments, Para Shoulders/Kneepads, a softpouch and the EVA helmet compared to someone with no attachments and a Recon helmet in Reach. Yeah, one looks bigger, but you still know where to aim on both, and the hitboxes are the same, so who cares?

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You have the options of male, male, and male anything else is arachnophobic apparently.


Its funny, I played Reach’s campaign recently just to see if that body type was as “distracting” as people say, in reality it isn’t, it blends in normally, I suspect people tend to notice it more in the customisation screen, other than that it actually blends in with the typical masculine spartan body type.

and yeh since the hitboxes are the same it shouldn’t be too big of a deal I’d imagine.


I mean I am somewhat arachnophobic (afraid of big spiders) but I don’t get how that relates to body types

Just a joke.

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