Body Type Feedback from an LGBTQ+ Player

(Apologies if this post is incoherent or too much of a ramble, this is my first forum post about something like this so ye!)

So, I know there have been many outcries from various corners of the community regarding many different aspects of the game whether it be the gameplay loop, patches, maps etc which are all looked at with a respectful and close eye by 343 [In the vein of official responses at least] But one topic that has just as much feedback and a very vocal outcry yet has seemingly never gained a response is regarding Body Types/Gender in Halo Infinite.

With the release of Season 2, an already worrisome issue has grown even more prevalent thanks to the two new cores, The Fracture Core yet again has no change with a selected Body Type while the Rakshasa Core is glitched on the “thinner” Body Types while also just not fitting them like the MKVII and MKV[b] Cores.

As someone in the LGBTQ+ Community the present Body Types are flat out unacceptable for being the “next step” from Halo 5, 4 and Reach. Sure, we now have three “Androgenous” bodies that are to be completely honest Explicitly Masculine with no similar Feminine Body Type like we have had for the past 10+ years… why? Why exclude all of the players who enjoyed feeling like their spartan? a Feminine Super Soldier that back in 2010 was absolutely stunning to see and even inspirational.

I know this isn’t a “major” issue to most players but it is for quite a few of us who have suffered or still do suffer with things like Gender Dysphoria or simply wish to feel represented in their favorite games. I hope 343 comments on this at some point soon.


Because it makes no sense for a roided out super soldier to look like they’re a Victoria’s secret model under the “thin” suit of armor like it was shown to be in REACH-5. Are you actually trying to argue that they should make a female body option that looks unrealistically, considering they’re muscle-bound-roided-monster-women, curvey and barbie-doll-esque? That seriously makes no sense and your claim to be LGBTQ is extremely irrelevant



Honestly surprised someone with that worn out and irrelevant argument came in so fast so here:

Nobody is asking for a “Victoria’s Secret Model”, the first thing that seems to come to your mind when I mention “Feminine Body” is literally the most extreme you could get.

Halo 5 in particular actually did the body type extremely well? it wasn’t some model, it was athletic and strong as a Spartan should be- Just like the Male body type. (I could go into why me being LGBTQ makes this matter a lot more for me and people like me along with experiences regarding that but I feel as if you’d find a way to try and disregard that)


Thank you for this, though I do wish they gave a more in depth reason as to why. Thats what I hope this post achieves but who knows :woman_shrugging:


I’m literally referring to the body types portrayed in REACH and 5. How did you fail to comprehend my comment that hard?

Not to mention that the Halo 5 female spartan, that you’re valiantly defending, is way over sexualized, way too thin and curvy, and too skinmy to realistically be the body of a roided out Spartan.

So again, the female spartan models from REACH-5 were way too thin and Victoria’s Secret-esque to make sense in he future of Halo. I find it hilarious that someone as LGBTQ as you can’t seem to see that. Maybe get your eyes checked?

I expect it’s because it costs them more to design armor for more body types. That and I think they want Halo to appeal to the kind of player who feel threatened by females playing “their” game. I see this attitude in Deep Rock Galactic too.


Did I in anyway say they were perfect? No, I didn’t. But I did say it was better.

Sure they may be too skinny to some (then again, Spartan IV’s aren’t nearly as “roided up” as Spartan II’s) but that’s something a simple Body Type choice can change? just like how the Halo Infinite body types are just Smaller Waist, Legs and Arms- Do the same with a Feminine one too?

I don’t mean to come off as rude or angry, simply expressing my and many others desires to have just a little bit more rep in game :slight_smile:


I can honestly see that explanation 100%, I just wish they’d comment on it and stamp out any speculation :confused:


There’s something important to note about the three body shape options. The body shape only affects the undersuit and doesn’t make the armor change positions at all. This means that the gender/shape of a player does not affect hitboxes and it means that 343i doesn’t have to do more work to make sure armor fits. I think both of these two points are something that was considered when getting to what is in the game today. It’s simplified.

If anyone needs a refresher on Halo: Infinite’s three body type options you can go to 4:28 on this video:

I am intentionally being rude to make a point as to how your desire conflicts with what you actually want. You can’t be a Spartan and also be thin and curvy / obviously feminine. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to recognize if a Spartan is female or male because they should be too buff AND they’re inside a suit of armor. What you’re asking for is a feature that wouldn’t make sense in reality in a game based in reality.

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I had a feeling this discussion would lead absolutely nowhere with you.

My “desire” and wants are the same, I wish to have the OPTION to have my Spartan present the way she has for the last decade. They still have the same body types in official artwork and comics, so why not the game? (Look at the Halo Encyclopedia entry regarding Hazel for example)

Your lore on Spartans being indistinguishable is outdated, it has been outdated since Halo Reach and it is the one dead horse some people refuse to stop beating… oh well.

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I also play Deep Rock Galactic and I disagree. Yes, the devs have talked about the cost of getting new voice lines or new player models but that is a logistics and opportunity cost issue because they are a small company. Why would you accuse 343i or Ghost Ship Crew of pandering to such an audience? Just because those kinds of people like that part, or that the game has toxic people in general, doesn’t make it okay to pull out that strawman.

There are plenty of valid things you could hit either company with, I’m tempted to toss in some points myself, but this is just not one of them.

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It’s almost as if the females are unrealistically portrayed as being thin and skinny to appeal to a males -Yoink!- appeal. Again, you’re a liberal? I mean LGBTQ?

Outdated how? How is it outdated to cite human biology and logic? If a HUMAN no matter the gender, got muscle-bound to the point a Spartan has to be, their silhouette would be nearly indistinguishable between a male and a woman. Definitely when in a suit of armor. Women only look “thinner” in real life because they’re biologically predisposed to grow less muscle and be smaller and be weaker. This predisposition would not carry over to genetically modified super soldier women.

You clearly lack critical thinking skills and simply just want.

“Give me what I want” (etc.)

Have you looked at female MMA players? I think you have a limited idea of what athletic female bodies can be like. I don’t think anyone is asking for voluptuous curves here. Perhaps Spartan program also includes modifying genetics, pelvis and another aspects because they cheaped out on armor. About the hitboxes, we are talking minor differences that would mean slightly smaller upper body to lower body.


For example,

Do you remember the scene from Game of Thrones where Brienne of Tarth, a woman, was having a duel against a man and won? When she took off her helmet, the entire crowd was expecting a man, but instead saw a woman. How exactly could that be possible?

This isn’t CGI either. That scene was shot with real actors 100% practically and they somehow got a woman to look male in a suit of armor. And know this, genetically modifying a woman to be a super soldier with huge muscles is not something that’s possible in real life, or on Hollywood movies sets. We even see her naked and she still has curves and a clear breast, but yet she still looks “masculine” with the armor on.

Seriously. Take more time to think. Either that, or you want 343 to make a bunch of female spartans with the body of a magazine model.

This is EXACTLY what im talking about. thank you!

Female MMA Body type with armor that actually fits them, that’s literally it… and I think Halo 5 got pretty close with it!


Put any women in MMA in a suit of armor and they’ll look like a man. If you’re trying to argue that, without armor, they don’t look like a man, then yea, clearly, but that’s not the topic. Not to mention, MMA female fighters have way less muscle mass than most men who build muscle. They’re not genetically capable of building the same muscle as men.

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Look at Aliens: Fireteam Elite, they are a small studio and managed to have both body types and multiple voice types. The studio of DRG are embarrassingly mostly male. They simply don’t want to do it.


We are playing a game with Genetically Modified Super Soldiers who wear skin tight Techsuits along with armor that is custom built to fit their specific body type/shape.

GoT is the exact opposite of that, I understand your PoV but that example just doesn’t really work