Body actors/Writers need!!!

Hello, My Name Is imari feel free to call me imari or Baba. I am looking for someone who can help in any and all ways of a Machinima series. I plan to release the very first episode sometime in mid march . I would like anyone who can do , scripts plots,summary or some body actors. It is In Halo 4. So I don’t know If you want to help in a halo 4 manchinma but If you do. Email me At Or Skype me at strongish.baba Or message me on live TCIB Baba
Also If you don’t mind could you sub to my youtube that the machinma will be going up on thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks TSB :confused:

First: You can at least have a recruiting video on your channel. These usually help finding people who are actors/directors who are willing to help.

Second: If you are planning to do a series, you may need experience body acting before. Also talk to a couple directors before doing anything big.

Third: Do some shorts first before a full series. This is good for camera practice, and to help practice being a director.

Fourth: Make sure you have everything before even thinking of doing anything (“Be Prepared”). This includes capture card, video editors (Adobe after effects, Vegas Pro, etc), maps, people, and experience.

Fifth: Watch Halo 4 machinimas and ask people you can find in the credits. They are looking for “work”, and would love to help.

I can help with tips and body acting when you need it. Just send me message when you are planning to work. Also you should try to choose which halo game for your machinimas (especially the difference in maps, armor, vehicles/weapons).

Gamertag: SepiaAnt8071