Body Actors Required For Machinima Film

Hey everyone,
My name is Matthew Lake, i’m a director, and Youtube partner - I’m looking for some reliable Halo 3 body actors to appear in my films.

I understand halo 3 is kind of Retro now, considering the release of ODST, Reach and soon to be Halo 4. But Halo 3 is kind of mandatory to kind of how I’ve wrote this film.

The body actors are primarily required for online battle shoots/masking shots.

Requirements -

  • A Good and strong connection. (Preferably UK, but others are acceptable)- Working copy of Halo 3, with most/all maps (Preferably ODST Multiplayer Disk)

Thanks, Matt.

>> Edit; you will be credited in the film, name or gamertag. You decide :slight_smile:

I’m in the US in New York, but I’d totally be up for it if you’re still looking. Not sure if you need a specific type of look/armor, but I do have all of the armor permutations.

Gamertag is Augmented Fire. Feel free to add me, it sounds like it could be pretty cool.

Also, I do have the Halo 3: Mythic disc.