Body Actors needed

Hello Halo Waypoint forums I am the Leader of A small Machinima team.
I am looking to expand my team and need people to help Vanguard Line Productions in many ways. Ways that VLP needs help is, a need of more body actors background roles, main roles, support roles. you can help us by being a long term body actor for us the only requirement is that you have a mic, understand and speak English. The second way you can help us is by being a Set creator, helping us Forge is a great way to help us get our name out their with amazing forged maps and Functioning Scripts.
The third way that we need help is people willing to help us come up with new content, being a writer for us, we current only have 2 writers.
Any help that you are willing to provide would be much appreciated. If you have any questions message me on Xbox or on here I will respond as soon as possible,
Hope to see you on Set

Any armor requirements?
Halo 5 or?