Body Actors needed

I am in need of some help for a Halo 5 Machinima called “The Threat of Necrosis”
I need to finish the second half of the script as the first half is done and ready to be published but don’t want to unless I have the second half done.
I need to fill in the Main Characters, and Background characters. If you are willing to help message me on here or if I am online don’t be afraid to message me on xbox.
I am part of YouTube group so if you would like to stay to help us out on future projects or help bring your own creations to life you are welcome to join us.

About the Machinima
The Threat of Necrosis is about a Spartan III who has decided to take on ONI and the UNSC, Necrosis has started a rebellion to take down ONI by destroying base after base. ONI has finally given up trying to contain the threat by normal means, ONI decided to reactivate The Ghosts of Royalty (or Ghosts for short) . The Ghost are an elite hit squad of with 4 remaining members (6 originally) ONI reactivates the squad and decided that they are the best option to eliminate the threat of Necrosis. The Ghost remaining 4 member are gathered and sent on the mission after 2 years of deactivation. (remaining members/ James, Rose, Luke, Tyler 2 Dead/ MIA members, Dante, Victoria)
The Ghost get to Necrosis’s base and eliminate him only to find out that he isn’t so easy to kill, he knows everything about him and seems to impossible to kill.

If you read to the end tell me what you think and if you want to help out also let me know
“Hope to see you on set”

Not bad
Which game will it take place
Also i should mention and week days i wont be available for the majority of the day

Hey brother I’m a Machinima maker myself. Would love to help as well as possibly see if any of you and your company would be interested in helping us out with our “Fury” machinima. Let me know how I can help and if you’d like to see what we have filmed check out “Halo 5 Fury Machinima” by Akatsuki Films on YT

You got a YouTube channel? I wanna see what you’ve had done before.

I’m down message Soule Targaryen when you need me

I’m down my tag is Soule Targaryen hit me up and I can get in I appear on and offline it just depends when you catch me but if my account says offline send an invite anyways