Body Actors needed for Halo 4 Machinima

Hi guys! :smiley: I’m looking for a couple of people that might be interested in helping out in our machinima. We’re already on our second season and we’re gonna need a ton of help. But there are some requirements that you must meet first before deciding to join.

Double Team Season 2 Plot: Two teams who have constantly bickered at each other put their differences aside to save a friend from a common and dangerous enemy, they encounter a large mysterious castle, where it is said those who have been banned from the online community reside. They must enter this mysterious castle in order to save they’re friend.


-Must be at least 15 or older

-Must have ALL DLC content for Halo 4

-Must have a mic

-Must be on time for filming

-And finally your email so that we can contact ya

So those are the requirements, let me know if you want in!

Youtube Channel: