Body Actors And Editor Needed

I am making a machinima short on Halo: Reach and need body actors badly. I am planning on filming this Sunday at 1:30 EST. If you want to help send me a friend request or a message to my GT: SilverEagleHawk

About the Machinima: It does not have a good solid plot, it is more of a action/comedy short. It takes place during the very beginning of the Covenant invasion of Reach It is placed on Reach, following 3 survivors from Harvest. 2 of the survivors are trying to cheer 1 still depressed survivor up when they encounter some elites, which leads to them fleeing in a Warthog, which leads to Banshees chasing after them, then to 2 Spartans saving them (thats the action part). The comedy is coming from the dialogue of the survivors.

For anyone that can edit: All you would be doing is putting together the clips of the short (which I would send you), put the lines in where needed (I would help you know where to put them), and throw in backround music (which I would supply).

Please help!!!