Body Actor looking 4 work/ with "resume"

I’m a veteran machinima body actor. I’m looking for anyone who may need me to help them out with their own machinimas or others when they need it. I’m free most of the time, but when I’m in school I can only help during Fri-Sunday. I’m more of a “call me if you see me” helper.

Here is a “resume” of me, and my body acting “career”:

<mark>Machinimas I’ve worked in:</mark>

I body acted for “The Rise of the Spartans”(1st episode/Arbiter 617), but I only helped out in the marines vs elites so I wasn’t mentioned in the credits. (Stinking credits…)

I have body acted for TheShotgunStudios (Director: ALFonzy1013): Mostly helped in his “The Light Series”, “Natalie’s View”, “The Engagement”, “Change”/his zombie stuff, and a few other stuff he did.

I’m have been helping out with Eagle Knight Productions. Mostly helping with out with “The Titans series” and other stuff they may be doing. But since to his time off, I am still waiting for him to “call”.

I’m currently helping out with Future Element Films, Compache204(Cosmic Star Productions), CordlessJet549(was since I was “fired” for not being able to understand him at all), Solar Flares Productions. Also have been working with J MVP, Captain Jesse, Athlon Plasma Studios, and GreenSniperFilms.

I helped out with a couple other machinimas, but I either don’t know what they were or they were cancelled/ not yet posted.
Here’s an example of me in Halo 4. I’m the girl, one of the purple guys, and one of the white guys when they are first attacked by the purples.

<mark>Who I am:</mark>

I’m a Noble in Halo Reach, and have 95% of the Reach Armory completed. I have all the helmet’s except the “fancy” Recon. I have all the shoulders, wrists, knee guards, visors, and every chest.

I’m a good pilot with the Falcon, especially with soft and slow landings. Formation flying… I’m good, just not the other guys :slight_smile: Also I’m a pretty good driver/ turret gunner.

I’m OK at “monitor duty” (Forge stuff). If you want to see me in action; go watch “The Engagement”, and go to the parts where the falcons are dropping off the tank (go to 1:05) and warthogs. I did the tank and one of the hogs for the scene.

I am good at single and burst shots with most automatic weapons(mainly the assault rifle). This is good if you want your machinima(s) to look professional or more realistic.

I know how to do fight scenes and if you need some help/ tips you can ask me.

I can help out with Halo 4 machinimas, but I prefer Halo Reach machinimmas. I’m a SR 130, and I have most of the armor (not a lot of the commendation ones). I have all the maps except the Champion’s Bundle/maps. Just that I may take a while to get used to it again.

<mark>Actual stuff:</mark>

I’m a very patient guy which is good if we have to wait for a long time for stuff.

I do my best to listen to the director, and follow his directions. But I also would sometimes have to ask them questions if they don’t make sense, or if it could be done a different way.

I like to do whatever it takes to make a fight scene look great. I know about the stuff that people shouldn’t do (strafing while firing, jumping up and down, full auto). If I have to die, I try my best to be “sent out with a bang”.

Tea-bagging… good luck trying to catch me doing it.

I can also help out with rookie actors, mostly if they are little kids I can help them out if they are not very…helpful. Teaching them some tricks when we are doing body acting lessons.

I am currently teaching future body actors on how to properly body act. For more info. go here.

Well that’s all I can think of. If you have any questions or concerns that needs to be clarified; please post it here, or contact me via (please use a text message). Other than that please send me a friend request along with a message saying who you are, and what is your channel.

Thanks, SepiaAnt8071

P.S. I have made a channel, but due to some “technical difficulties” I won’t be using it until I made a video or two. Also I am interested for tips about how to “decorate it”.

Anyone still looking for an extra body actor? I’m still waiting to help out when I get back. Just post your gamertag here OR send me a friend request to SepiaAnt8071

Up-dated it.

Ok people: Lately I haven’t been helping out with much machinimas lately (either the directors are taking a break, they are mostly working during week days when I’m in school, or anything else), so that means that I have a lot of “free time” on <mark>Saturdays (Pacific Time)</mark> to be able to help out anyone who wants people to help them out for machinimas.

Please note that I am looking for anyone who is a new machinima director/ a group that is starting up/ or just people who want to make a machinima. I just want to be able to help them get a start, and I want to help them with acting/tips. If you know anyone, or are one, who is trying to make it into the machinima community please message me.

I am going to be on a lot this week since it’s spring break and I am going to be on more. So if you or someone else needs another guy please send an invite or text message on Xbox live.

I’m still free for any kind of Halo Reach machinima.

Hey I’m on Summer vacation so I can help out with body acting Monday-Sunday. Except when I’m gone for personal/family/etc reasons.

Ya well im one of those machinima directors for the machinima SECTOR 48 and you said you can body act so I sent you a message on xbox live and you never responded, the machinima will start real soon possibly this week so I hope you can come through.