Body Acting for Machinima Tonight

Firelight Studios needs help body acting another machinima people and the Waypoint community always helps us out in this aspect. So we need 10-16 people to help out in Reach for a huge battle scene and I hope you guys can help. If you can, leave your gamertag in the thread so I can send you a message.

Here’s mine if you want to send a message:
OwnedDa Pope

It’s tonight at 8PM EST

I’ll check if I could come.

My GT is my name. A Jewish Storm. I’ll be very cooperative and listen attentively. I’ve have some experience with machinimas, also. I know how frustrating it can be when people aren’t listening and messing around.

hey OwnedDaPope!

been a while since you were on the forums, by the way what happened with the forum PSA with elusive eagle?

Any armour required?

yeah I’ll help just add my gamertag Beastx53

@skyace: Yeah I man it has been a while, been busy with life/working on videos. And we decided that we’re going to do a Vlog with Eagle at PAX because we have so many projects that we’re doing right now.

@erickyboo: no not really, we’l tell you what to wear in game

I’m so sorry I forgot about it at about 19:54.