BOC Is Recruiting! (Clan)


We are a PS3 and XBOX360 Clan Looking for new members to join our fun family!

Black October Clan is a multi-platform clan that was established in October 2010, is excited to announce that we are currently recruiting mature, dedicated gamers, like ourselves, and those who are looking to take their gaming experience to the next level. BOC invites you to join our ranks.

Black October was created to give gamers something more than just a clan. We created a community where new friendships could be made and we also provide an extensive website that gives our members access to a wide range of forums and a Shout Box (Similar to instant messenger) that we use to interact with each other and to post real world events. BOC also recognizes our members by awarding them with Medals, Ribbons, and Badges which are displayed on the member’s profile.

Structure: Black October is based on a military structure and we provide squad types for every level of game play.

(RS) Regular Squads: For the typical competitor, that wants to take their gaming abilities to the next level, but can only play a few times per week.

(GB) Game Battles Squads: For those seeking the ultimate gaming challenge. These are the squads that compete regularly in head-to-head clan battles and are very active in different competitive ladders.

There is no skill level or rank needed to join as long as the member shows consistent improvement. Our game battles squads are for our most skilled players and require a tryout.

☆ Must be at least 16 years old
☆ Must have GOLD (XBOX360)
☆Must have a mic
☆ Show consistent improvement each week ☆Must be able to attend practice once a week (RS)

Join Us Today At
After you have joined
Please now fill out a NRP by clicking this link


Please Say KhaoticFate Recruited you.

Happy Gaming!

does your clan play reach

because on your site it says black ops battel field and killzone

Please leave this off of this site, as it doesn’t have a specific section, and most would consider it clutter.