Bobs (Golden Ranger Elite)

Today we got a daily challenge to find a kill one of the Bobs aka The Golden Ranger Elite, So I loaded up campaign and went on to get the challenge, so I find the Bob and kill it, but I felt like finding more so I went on to play some Co-op Campaign and chose a whole range of campaign missions with only one goal, Find the Bob hiding in the level and Take it out, to my amazement I have killed about 7 or 8 Bobs in campaign today.

Has anyone else had this feeling, to go through a bunch of campaign missions on reach to find these mysterious covenant warriors, If so post your stories below, I would like to hear some of your Bob hunting experiences and if you Killed the infamous white Bob on Oni Sword base which has different elite armor every time you try to find this, what armor did it have?


I’ve seen a few

I remember the sword base BOB, I didn’t actually know what it was at the start because I hadn’t heard of BOBs, a friend just told me that there was an elite there and I went to kill it for the sake of it. When I heard it was a BOB I was like omgwtfbbq?

I was like that as well, When I first heard about the Bobs.

I never really had an interest in BOB’s. i’ll kill them if I see them but i won’t got out of my way to kill them.