Bobbing and Weaving.

Anyone notice a lot more bobbing and weaving (moving left and right rapidly) done by people?
I get it a lot and end up getting killed in duels, it’s not as bad as Combat Evolved on PC, but it’s still weird, considering the DMR and BR in 4, I personally own with the AR in close quarters cluster-fraks, but it never comes down to that.
Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Halo CE PC’s strafing is only as powerful as it is because of the lack of lag compensation. Halo 4 is lag compensated and has heavy aim assist. Strafing shouldn’t be a problem at all.

You might not have seen it in reach because movement speed was so slow, but it was present in halo CE to 3. personally it’s good to see it return although it will never be as ‘effective’ if you can call it that as on PC

We are going old school. Welcome to halo.

You’ve never seen someone strafe? I thought it just came natural to people.