Blur-Sickness V Blindness

honestly the Blur was somewhat more bearable then the blinding light shafts

what do you guys think? I honestly cant play unless I have the brightness set to 1

I have the brightness at 3-4 i think, though i play CoD at 10 sensitivity.So motion/blur effects don’t affect me.That reminds me about a friend i had irl.Anytime he watched me play CoD he would get motion sickness XD.It would be nice if Halo had a stronger sensitivity.Everytime i go from CoD to Halo 4, Halo at 10 feels so freaking slow, 10 in Halo is essentially 5 in CoD… would be nice if 343 changed that.

I have it on 5, it’s way too dark on 3 and my tv does not have it’s own brightness settings (only black level, which makes everything look washed out). I’ve seen no issues with blur, but framerate issues pop up a bunch, especially on split-screen, which I guess could look like blur if you don’t notice the jerky nature of it.