Blue wraith

What’s with the low main damage of the primary energy ball? I can land it right on top of a jackals head and he won’t die from one hit. Is this wraith only good because of the submunitions splash damage area?

I don’t think I have ever encountered a situation where a direct shot from a Wraith has not killed a Jackal. Do you have a clip? The base Wraith is weaker in comparison to the AA, Ultra, and Temple variants, but it is still plenty powerful.

It could just be lag.

Ok Im going to record today.

maybe you hit the shield, and what mode were you playing on, because jackals can be VERY resilient under the right circumstances.

If you are playing Mythic firefight I’ve learned that even the temple wraith isn’t strong enough to kill an elite general with a direct shot. Legendary FF I’ve never had issue with killing jackals in a wraith.

Maybe it was an elite general, I do play mythic FF whenever it’s available. Guess those are some tough shields. thanks!