Blue Team

Im just now playing 5 and so far love the story. I do see what some had issues with but IMO the story is very well written. The “issues” with Chief make sense and I loved seeing Castle…I mean Buck again.:slightly_smiling_face: I couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize him in ODST but they did a great job with his likeness this time. Anyway they act like we’re supposed to know who blue team is. Was that in a book?

Yeah they made Halo:Fall of Reach for everybody who hadnt read any of the books or comics.

I’d recommend reading the books if you could. The ones I remember with Blue Team in them are The Fall of Reach, Ghosts of Onyx, First Strike (I think), and the Kilo-Five trilogy. (I don’t remember the titles of those books.) They’ll give you a greater appreciation of Blue Team. : )