Blue Team (Song)

I want to preference by saying i love blue team and i will make a thread about them and how awesome they are and how they are the best squad in faming history because they are just who they are!! From to lore to now in the game they give me the freaking chills! They replace cortana any day.

But jeez does the song blue team on the halo 5 soundtrack sound like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard on a soundtrack. That song justs fits their braveness and courage so well. I miss marty O’Donnell and the good arrangements he brought to halo look the ODST themes and the warthog runs or even the freaking main theme of halo (which 343i made sound terrible) but Blue team is just wow, almost in tears. Its perfect. Gets the blood pumping and hits the feels

Drugs are bad…

I agree, Blue Team is a great song. New rendition of 117 on the Halo 4 album. I get pumped up from “The Trials”

That music beautiful indeed. When I first listened in the Sprint vidoc I was so close to cry. While I listening that master piece I remembered for these lines from Fall of Reach:

When the elevator doors closed, Lieutenant Hikowa said, “Do you think—I mean with all due respect to the Spartans, sir—don’t you think they’re . . . strange?”
“Strange? Yes, Lieutenant. You might act a little strange if you seen and been through as much as they had.”
“Some people say they’re not even humans in those suits—that they’re just machines.”
“They’re human,” Captain Keyes said.