blue team has an unfair advantage on Eden.

I actually like Eden better then empire, but one thing I’ve noticed playing both as red and blue is that the lighting in the map plays to blue teams favor. I played as red and almost all the time it felt like i was being shot at by ghosts. And playing as blue I could tell that the reds were having a very hard time shooting me. Now I love winning, but I like winning because I was able to out shoot, out think, and out play my opponents with my own skill.

So I suggest that on eden, if you could add more lighting in places to give red a fair shot against blue. Or you could make there colors more neon to make it fair, or make red just as dark as blue again to make it fair.

If any 343 members read this, please take the time and consider this problem.

Yea I actually really like Eden, its a fantastic map, but I agree that blue team does kind of fit into the color scheme a little too well. Same with Regret in some sections. I hope they are able to make some fixes to this whether it be the map itself or even lighten the Blue they use for the blue team players

Gotta agree here, though it’s not in all areas of the map.

Clarity should be the first priority in a competitive multiplayer game. I agree with the op.

Agreed! Eden is awesome but the Blue team is so hard to see… I’ve noticed this on previous Halo games as well. Red will always stick out like a sore thumb… Blue will always blend with the darker areas of the maps… I wish Red v. Blue wasn’t so iconic and it could just be Red v. Green or something…

Their not that hard but their hard enough that it turns in a solid advantage in darker areas of the maps, could do with some more lighting which is suprising coming from 343 considering 343 does like their “next-gen lighting”.

We know, and 343i knows. I wish people would stop posting redundant threads.