blue team and red team meeting how do you want it

Simple question how do you want blue team and red teams first meeting in either wars 2 or halo 6 to go?

I’d like for them to meet again on the battlefield and fight together. Just having them meet on the UNSC Infinity or somewhere safe might have the same outcome as when Master Chief and Arbiter met again in Halo 5 - they didn’t even seem to acknowledge each other, which was surprising because they were brothers in arms during Halo 3.

Seeing 7 Spartan II’s in battle fighting as a single unit for the first time in a Halo game would be awesome so I’m really hoping that 343i do their characters justice (unlike they did for Blue Team in Halo 5).

Well they already craped up the blue team reunion… SO id honestly get really butt hurt if they did a reunion with red team.

But it should still happen…

I would honestly love to see them meet during off time. Lot more character growth that way.

What if the halo wars line joined up with the current 2558 timeline. Once HW2 is finished, imagine if blue team intercepted cutter and the SOF. Then eventually meet up through a conflict. I don’t think they will meet up in HW2, I don’t think a cutscene is enough to go by to capture the moment, we all saw how cutscenes in H5 played out. Halo 6 is the one to do it in.

In halo 6, maybe the Spirit of Fire sends Red Team down to a colony when they try to contact them only to be attacked by the Created and later the Banished which followed them(if they would be in the game). They sent out an SOS and the Infinity comes, sends Blue Team, and they saved them only for Red Team to eventually find out both blue and red team are the last active Spartan lls alive and the relationship between them and the chief would be unstable at first since he was the one who sent the majority down to Reach and most of them died. Kind of the same thing as the last guy said.

Perhaps in a Legendary ending for HW2, the Spirit of Fire comes across a Guardian that is about to destroy them, only to have the Infinity encounter the ship and rescue it and its crew from the Guardian at the very last moment.

From there, a cutscene occurs where Blue Team and Red Team share a much-needed reunion while the latter is dumbfounded by the Spartan-IVs around.