BLOPS 2 - How innovation and polish beat 343i

Lets face it, BLOPS 2 earns it longevity over Halo 4 because it’s a much better designed game with innovations that are welcome to casuals as well as competitive players, score streaks and the pick ten system are miles ahead of what Halo 4 tried to implement.

It’s sad to see that Halo trails so much behind Black Ops 2.

The game is also alot more fun, even though it has tons of lag just like Halo 4, there’s just more fun to be had in Blops 2. Sure BLOPS 2 has a very lackluster campaign but the campaign doesn’t decide the longevity of a game.

Halo 4 is just as stale as Halo Reach and just as unpolished as well. BLOPS 2 is really polished and clearly doesn’t lack anything the fans need so bad they leave the franchise.

Props to Treyarch for making one of the best CoD’s yet and beating the inferior Halo in sales as well as peak population.

I’ll be putting Halo 4 in the shelf and I might pick it up if some stellar DLC and a seriously good patch drops, but I think 343 will pull a Reach just like Bungie did.

Please, no Blops vs Halo threads. Thanks.