Bloom Should Go

I edited this to just be about bloom. For those confused, I talked about the recoil and why it should go.

Bloom is a random factor apparently. Why have luck based shooting? It’s odd.


Recoil and bloom are different things

Really? What is it then?

Recoil - gun go boom, weapon lifts up, have to correct to re-aim next shot.
Bloom - gun go boom, bullet/bullets go to random spread, you convinced hit shot, you smash controller.


I’m ok with the recoil, it seems to mainly be on guns that are full auto and need the recoil to prevent them from being OP, like Assault Rifle and Sentinel Beam. As for Bloom, I 100% agree it needs to go, at least for the precision weapons like BR, Commando, Sniper, and Sidekick.

And yes, it’s bloom that’s a bad idea (but provides bill gates with half of his income, from me in smashed controllers) and recoil that has reasons

Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

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I’m not a huge fan of bloom, but at the same time this game uses mostly hitscan for its projectiles and without bloom everything would be lasers essentially with only recoil being the only drawback. If this game used actual projectiles with travel time then ya bloom bad, but for hitscans its kinda necessary.

I agree but only for certain weapons AND at certain distances.

But it can (could of, if earlier) be done, for example, if the AR only had recoil and not bloom then crossmapping would be possible but slow as would have to burst fire to stop the recoil sending shots into orbit, the speed would balance it against BRs etc (less recoil).

At shorter distances the recoil wouldn’t have such a great effect - larger (closer) target. But as it stands the recoil is too weak and they’ve left it up to bloom.

Doing it with just recoil will mean they have to change all/most weapons so they won’t and it’ll change the history of it being in the game so then that’ll be keyboard warrior time.

Like you say, if was projectile, fall-off and time could also be used but then I’d have to get good.

so you honestly want the AR to shred the life out of you without Bloom then? Cause that’s what WILL happen.

Close up, yes. It’s what it’s for.

Far away, very slowly yes.

But seriously, there are other options rather than random bullets. Random bullets are not skillful (or unskillful).

Rate of fire for example, on top of the other example I gave.

Recoil has been apart of Halo’s sandbox as far back as Halo CE and more so in Halo 2(Dual Wield SMGs and hold your triggers). Recoil is a necessary mechanic to leave guns feeling powerful when used right, but not overpowered and unbalanced to where any noob can go on a Killing Frenzy every time they get it. Bloom on the other hand is a TERRIBLE mechanic. Introducing luck in to the players shots makes the guns feel less useful, and make the game feel like you’re missing shots. Reach had a HUGE problem with Bloom, and funnily enough the first thing 343i did was Title Update 1 for Halo Reach, which introduced reduced Bloom across the game, and Removed Bloom entirely in certain modes. Currently the Commando suffers the most from bloom in Halo Infinite, and I hope they remove it sooner rather than later.

So you had to be told what your OP was about…You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just angry banging on the keyboard lol

Just simply control your bursts. Just like how people think mashing buttons in a fighting game will solve everything when it clearly won’t, spraying and mindlessly praying will get you destroyed. The AR should not be shredding at a long distance.

I don’t care for the bloom cause I always adjusted and got the picture on how to work with it. Don’t know why everyone else is up and arms since Reach about it.

No? Quit acting all mighty, please.

Luck based mechanics do not belong. Recoil too. It doesn’t even make sense in the lore. Why would a spartan super soldier not be able to control a tiny gun?

Good luck though. 343i will undoubtedly die on this hill.

Stop being so serious. I burst fire. I’d just prefer those shots to be accurate, bloom still affects burst fire. I keep giving other examples of ways to balance and prevent/make useless cross mapping. And keep it skill based. And make it so correct weapons are used for correct distances.

Halo 2 literally shows Recoil with the BR, SMG ESPECIALLY with duel wielding.

I’d like a bloom decrease for the sidekick and then just add a damage drop off over distance. AR bloom feels fine and is countered with a high fire rate. Commando needs just the recoil with no bloom so you can learn the pattern and have a skill gap.

The issue is how the bloom works and for what. The pistol in ce had bloom. The faster you shot, the more it spread. However, this was linear. A perfect 1:1 ratio. The pistol in infinite randomly widens its spread towards the end, even when there is no change in shooting speed. At least, that’s how it was in previous flights, idk if that is how it is now. Someone confirm. This is not controllable, as you can no longer control the spread by your shooting speed, but you have to keep track of how long you have been shooting at full speed, which is annoying. Now, for the sniper, it has bloom when hip firing, but only for the 4th shot (again, this is from previous flights, I have not gotten an update on this, so someone please confirm). The sniper should have no bloom when hip firing, but the pistol, imo, should have a 1:1 bloom ala the halo ce pistol. Any weapon with bloom should have a linear bloom, which is controllable

Edit: It may be that it was linear not in terms of fire rate, but in terms of how long it was sustained. I think either it should be directly tied to fire rate or directly tied to how long you have been sustaining that fire rate (I would prefer the latter), but as it was in the last flight, it RANDOMLY increases its bloom at a certain point at max fire rate, not gradually with sustained fire. It has everything to do with how controllable it is, not just whether it is there or not