Bloom Should be Tied to Fire Rate

I’ve been making a lot of forum posts. Please forgive me. I love this game, and the amount I love this game and how much work you’ve all put into it correlates directly with how much I want to talk about things for improvement. Ok, I want to talk about bloom. Bloom seems to be dependent upon how long you maintain max fire rate. I think bloom should be dependent only on rate of fire, of course, the recoil being a separate aim modifier. If it’s the same rate of fire, it would realistically be the same amount of inaccuracy, and I think this would benefit gameplay. It seems more controllable than the current system, because it is easier to keep track of your rate of fire than it is to keep track of how long you’ve been firing. I think it would improve things to tie bloom, specifically with the pistol, to rate of fire only, and then make sure there is recoil to compensate, just like with the assault rifle. A demonstration of this can be found here, at 17:35 in Favyn’s video on flight testing. He complains about it there Playing Halo Infinite for the First Time - Raw Impressions and Discussion - YouTube