Bloom Is Seriously Hurting The Gunplay

The enemy player spams his AR on automatic, I open fire with sidekick. It’s complete RNG on who wins because firing the sidekick at a rate in which bloom isn’t a factor is an automatic loss due to the AR ( unless he suddenly gets unlucky and misses my head on full bloom ) neither situation is fair or fun.

You are just like the Reach kids all over again, defending a blatantly bad mechanic on faulty logic.


Let’s rewind that example. Where are you? Without knowing where the enemy was until you both rounded a corner and saw each other at the same time: how did your previous 5 seconds of movement and map placement affect the fight?

Irrelevant because my gun suddenly stops working.

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New Super Smash Bros. Brawl tie-in where players have a 1% chance to slip when they start sprinting.

It’s a gameplay mechanic meant to balance weapons. I personally enjoyed bloom on the Reach DMR, and on most automatic weapons but it feels out of place on the Sidekick.

ah yes, balancing a gun by making it award and deny kills at random…totally a fair way to treat both players in the fight…

I mean if you want to compare real life to Halo Games…

Hate to break it to you then cause Spartans aren’t real only missing in your dreams.

The only Charlies we had to fight was in the 70s.

Recoil is a thing in real life but you probably never handled one.

Bloom is in most modern top FPS adding mechanics.

If bloom bothers you so much, just plug in a controller and your bullets now are homing bullets.

Melee lunges would like to join this conversation :rofl:

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I think you have aim assist confused with bullet magnetism.

Aim assist is the mechanic that slows your reticle down as it passes over enemies. Only controller benefits from AA.

Bullet Magnetism is the mechanic that pulls your bullets in to the target if you miss by a small margin. Both Controller and Mouse benefit from BM.


Actually, bullets have bullet drop in real life. You can’t crossmap with a pistol.

Let’s not play the realism card if we’re not prepared to take in all its aspects.

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I think you have thinking you know things with just being a clown.

KB&M benefits from nothing because if we don’t want hacks to play for us.

I don’t think people really understand why bloom exists. It’s basically one of the only balancing mechanics 343 has left.

Most guns in Halo have:
Low to no recoil
No penalty to hip fire accuracy
UNSC guns have near hitscan bullet velocity
Guns without bloom have near perfect accuracy

So you really only have:
Projectile speed
Rate of fire

That’s it for the mechanics 343 has to adjust. Bloom is really the only mechanic you can adjust without comepletly changing how the gun operates.
If they don’t have bloom you are left with an AR that is a perfect laser with medium range. No one would want that so they either nerf the damage or range or both. Then you end up back where we have been the last 20 years. Precision weapons (BR in Infinites case) just absolutely dominate with not much competition at shorter ranges (everythingnoutside of very short range). The AR is finally fun to use not because it’s OP but because it’s actually just good. It pulled the BR into the meta instead of the BR on top of it so now the AR has short (longer than some map weapon range) to medium short. The BR now has Medium to long range (then you have snipers to compete with). Before Infinite the BR could go all the way down to short because the AR was trash. I for one don’t want it to be that way anymore and absolutely love Infinites AR.

If you just add recoil and no bloom it’s basically the sentinel beam. If you add recoil and slow the rate of fire you get the commando. If you lower the range and increase the fire rate you get an SMG which is totally different than an AR. If you just lower the range you get the trash AR we have always had. There really isn’t anything you can do besides add some bloom to the AR to keep it in check.

TLDR: Without Bloom you either get OP AR or the same garbage we have been stuck with for 20 years (due to nerfs).

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Aye, bloom sucks, but most people here don’t understand why.

If two people are standing equal distance away and fire at the max RoF, ONE of them will likely win due to RNG. If Bloom were not there, it would be a draw.

Bloom introduces RNG to a system that once rewarded consistency, practice and skill. It needs to be removed. Recoil is what we should have instead, and frankly you can train past recoil. Which will show a player’s skill - and reward it, far more.

After all, the Battle Rifle has no bloom. We use it because it’s consistent. The Commando, has bloom. We don’t use it, because it ISN’T consistent.

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Yah the AR in this game is a complete joke. With spread and then hit detection being horrible it becomes an annoyance on both ends.


The AR is wack anyways. It should never be a starting weapon

I don’t think bloom on the AR is necessarily what people take issue with, as much as the AR’s headshot damage and the fact that both starting weapons have bloom, meaning you often have no choice but to roll the dice.

You touched on something in your post that I wish you elaborated on, the hitscan/near-hitscan nature of certain weapons in Infinite. This is the reason 343 can’t balance weapons without bringing back a massively unpopular mechanic from the series’s past. Making the projectiles have noticeable travel time, while tuning it on a weapon-by-weapon basis, increases the skill gap & decreases the range and oppresiveness of certain weapons, which allows for more outplay potential. Personally, for automatics, I’d like to see how semi-static recoil patterns might work in Halo, but I’m not advocating for that quite yet, I’m just curious.

But the AR is OP, it kills insanely fast and has a headshot multiplier. It requires no skill and outclasses most weapons in this game.

Melee lunge isn’t random ( it shouldn’t be random ) so if Infinite’s feels random then that’s another stick to throw at 343.

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The pistol in this game just isn’t fun to use. H5 had a really fun pistol but this game gets a bloom pistol… shame. Would make social a lot more fun if your starting precision weapon wasn’t bloom based.

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The AR isn’t OP. It doesn’t outclass much.

At closer ranges it gets beat by:
Energy Sword
Plasma weapons+ melee
Just 2 melees

The AR barely outrages the guns in the group above. This list is longer in some older Halo as we have more guns in this category.

At more than medium-short range it loses to:
Stalker rifle
Shock Rifle

There aren’t that many longer rang guns in the game but all of then beat the AR above medium range. And some of them still beat it at close range it’s just more difficult to do so.

Your problem is the AR got pushed from just a short to a short to medium-short range weapon so took a bit of the effective range away from the BR where the BR didn’t have to worry about anything now it has to worry about AR users. Thus pulling the BR from on top of the meta into it for the first time in Halos history.

It seems you just want the BR to easily be able to compete all the way down to the top of short range all the way out to long range since it is the best gun for descoping at range it can usually win most ranged battles or at least keep you alive when other guns would require way more skill to do so.

Infinite is truly the closest we have come to a balanced Halo. A few guns need a buff like the pulse carbine but that’s about it. Older Halos most guns were destroyed by the BR and didn’t stand a chance so it didn’t even make since to have them as map weapons as they were useless, now that the BR is finally not OP and other guns are stronger they see play.

I will never understand some people’s desire to have one absolutely OP weapon, usually the BR/DMR but H5s pistol was part of the problem too, and then have most of the guns in the game lose to it even at their effective ranges nor do I understand why any AR above absolutely useless is considered OP.