Bloom Is Seriously Hurting The Gunplay

It’s not skill, it’s luck. Right in front of someone with the AR and it failed to kill them because a bullet didn’t show. Don’t people dislike bloom?


Weapon spread has existed since H1. Holding down the trigger is detrimental unless you’re point blank.


Bloom on a weapon like the AR isn’t a problem on its own, but when you throw on a headshot multiplier things start going sideways. A weapon like the AR just should not have a headshot multiplier of any kind.

That being said the amount of bloom in this game sucks between the Sidekick, Commando, and Sniper, it was genuinely disappointing to see 343 regress back to Reach levels of bloom with precision weapons after the first thing they did after taking over Halo was reduce bloom and add no bloom gametypes in Reach.


Bullets go straight. Bloom isn’t a thing in real life. It’s a made up feature ment to help casuals not get destroyed


Would you like to have the gun in your hands move off-center and shake around to show what this inaccuracy is meant to stimulate? Now that I’ve said that I really like the idea. It’s a little more meaningful than having your crosshairs get wide.

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That’s not the point. The point is bloom is FORCED randomness. Not natrual randomness that comes from your own handling of the gun. Which in this case these are Spartans which have perfect movement so.


Personally yes, if they have to balance weapons this way then yes this.

It’s more like recoil (but not the usual vertical only recoil) than bloom in this case and would give a much better feedback especially as it increases the longer you hold the trigger on autos.

It would need testing in Halos gameplay though and I’d prefer range, TTK (RoF) and standard recoil before this and bloom is used.

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There is still a ton of skill with how you maximize your hit probability. If you understand how the weapon blooms, and know the range of where the bullets could go, you need to target your opponent’s hitbox in a way that optimizes you hit probability.

You need to adjust for range, adjust for the encounter (are you ahead or behind in the fight), adjust for when the shields break (prioritize the headshot). And more

Overall, bloom brings an enormous skill gap to the game as opposed to every shot going perfectly straight.

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It doesn’t bring a skill gap it detracts from players skill because it chooses a winner based on RNG and not skill


Nope, two people having an AR spray off, one perfectly on target but bloom makes shots miss, the other off target but bloom brings it on.

The only skill is feathering/burst fire which is not a skill gap, it’s just knowledge

The other things you mention are not bloom


Would you rather that an automatic rifle be perfectly accurate? Counter-Strike 1.6 had pre-defined spray patters that pros could compensate for to get perfect accuracy. It made the skill-gap so large that casual players effectively always had a lower DPS.

Having a weapon’s accuracy be lowered is effectively reducing the chance of a kill (via reducing the chance of a bullet landing) if you continue to spray. Do you have to spray? Maybe there’s another method or strategy you could use to increase your chance of your bullets landing (or, equivalently, reduce how many bullets need to land to get a kill). I think one thing that would help is better communicating where bullets land when you hit a player. Uncharted 4 did this really well.

It’s a gameplay mechanic. What would be a different way to balance the game?

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It’s an fps. I come to fps to practice aim skill. Bloom doesn’t do anything for aim skill. Bullets don’t just randomly go in a different direction of the barrel. Sure there is bullet drop off in real but overall bullets go straight. There is abosultely no reason for bloom to exsist


I dislike Counter-Strike: Global Offense because it hinges too much on aim skill. Halo has a lot of other options. If you can’t beat them head to head then try a different approach. There are a world of other possibilities than running up to an enemy with an AR and punching them. Even ignoring grenades or any other weapon there are still ways to win AR duels that don’t hinge on RNG.

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And this why the spartan charge exsisted. This is why the grapple exsists. Because there just HAS to be something other than shooting. There is barely any game out there that focuses on gun skill. I would like Halo to be mostly a gun game.


I would love to beat the enemy player head to head but guess what, I lost thanks to RNG. Wowee such good game design


If there was recoil at least it would be a pattern that people could learn to control. Not the random nonsense that’s currently in the game.


Don’t put yourself in that situation next time.

LMAO alright then I guess I wont play. I make zero mistakes and still lose to RNG but it’s my fault right?

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I agree, random gameplay elements like bloom shouldn’t be a thing in a fast-paced arena shooter. I still dislike the DMR in Reach because of how heavy bloom was in that game.


The mistake was being in a situation where RNG dictated who would win. You can play differently to avoid being in those situations. You can’t eliminate it but you can reduce it or try to get out of it. There’s a difference between doing an action perfectly and using a perfect strategy. If you can’t overcome something by playing perfectly then try playing differently to see if you can get past that.