Bloom: Are people blind or just ignorant?

I’ve seen so many posts like “Wheres the TU?” “Is it 85% Bloom?” “How do I download 85% Bloom?”

Okay, from what I see, people are blind. How about checking out some forge, spawn a needle rifle, AR, DMR, and magnum. Shoot them. Spam them.

Notice something? The ARs reticle expands until it goes between the circle and look identical to Halo 3’s AR reticle.

Next, the DMR reticle expands until it has past the inner circle of the reticle twice, then stops. Same with the needle rifle. However, the Magnum seems to have a smaller impact with 85% bloom, but just if you spam the living hell out of the trigger.

See? Its already here, we’ve all played it at some point.