Blood's Salvation open for new members.

My Clan is Blood’s Salvation. No, we are not a cult, religious group, or a gang. We are honest members who play all the halo games to have fun while still being mature. I am one of three leaders of this clan and we would love new members.

Currently we have 48 members more or less.

We have a website.

We are a mix clan of Spartans and Sangheili(elites).

We are willing to train members who would want it.

Three different branches of tactial play to choose from.

Weekly clan meetings.

I ask that mature people only come forward. Yes, its a game so we want you to have fun, however to save the frustration of fellow clan mates, rules will be obeyed, and those who cannot handle being given an order, cannot lower their voices when asked, etc… +13 plus or anyone who can prove they are mature for their age.

A bit about the clan. We are a mix clan that accepts both species, however we are sangheili cultrue backboned. We believe in honor in a fight. We believe in teamwork for the better of the clan and for each individual. We don’t like to fight with low dirty tactics and will avoid them. Any person who joins our ranks automatically respects each other. Each spartan is equal to each sangheili, neither is better or worse than the other.

For those interesting in joining please send me a message on xbox live. Shadow11Wolf50