Blood splatter in halo infinite

Add blood splatter to halo infinite halo ce halo 2 halo 3 halo 3 odst and halo reach all had blood splatter. I would like too see it make a return to halo infinite


Game is rated T and one of the reasons is blood, so yeah it will likely be there.

FYI, there’s already a topic about this. I expect the powers that be will come a-lockin’ soon. They’re a bit lock-happy here.

As to the topic, there is blood, but not decals like in previous games, from what I’ve heard.

Keep in mind that the trailers might not feature splatter so they can push said trailer to all markets, but the version you get to play might have it enabled.

Ubisoft tried removing blood from R6S for the Chinese market while avoiding having separate variants of the game and that went over like a lead balloon. The community raised it’s pitchforks until Goobi made a separate version for markets where blood and skulls are considered damaging to children.

The CCP has insane rules for game makers/publishers, although I’m not sure if Halo is gunna be pushed there, but it’s such a BIG market technically that I think you sorta have too