Blood Gulch or Coagulation?

Simple question, Blood Gulch; the simple yet inspiring and shining example of pure multiplayer and timeless classic?
Or that same map made a little more aestheticly pleasing with added verticality to the bases that just made it all that more competitive and amazing?

I never really played Blood Gulch… When I played CE MP I Played small maps like Beaver Creek. Therefore I couldn’t compare them and can’t vote which is better.

Coagulation was a lot of fun to play on though. The hills made it very hard to rocket a warthog that was taking the dirt road path.

The sniper hills and caves were fun to have small skirmishes in. I enjoyed flying around in the banshee picking off those in the open, fighting other vehicles, and taking out the snipers or those that had rockets.

Small arms fire was a great anti vehicle weapon and asking others to focus fire on a ghost or banshee usually got them. Host sniping across the map was also a lot of fun.

The multiple levels of the bases made for surprise attacks. If you thought you had them all one would pop out and take out the bomb person or the flag carrier. The lift in the base made for a quick entrance to the bomb area or flag.

Attempting to toss the flag up to the top level to go to the portal was something that took practice and the best teams were good at. Also, the banshee drop was usually done near the end but sometimes gave that last fighter that was needed in the base or was a frantic attempt to plant the bomb or pick up the flag before time was over.

Sneaking the bomb around the edges well the battles were occurring in the middle worked sometimes and was more affective with a Camouflage power up.

The Over-Shield power up was good for warthog runs with the bomb carrier as they often focused fire on them.

Neutral bomb always made for a frantic rush to the middle where people would camp in the rocks and near the cave firing on those that wanted to pick up the bomb, with their rockets, sniper, BR, SMG, vehicles (which also usually attempted to run them over), and throwing plasma grenades, and frag grenades.

The BR Plasma Pistol combo was usually used later to help take out those around ones base or the other teams base (the pistol, and shotgun were often used around the bases as well). The brute shot was usually used later in the game to attack vehicles.

One team could control the whole map and all the power weapons but if they couldn’t attack the base together against a team that was defending the base together they likely wouldn’t plant the bomb or get the flag out of the base.

It was a fun map to play.

Coagulation was better in every way.

Coagulation cause hemorhage sucks