Blood Gulch Alliance

The Blood Gulch Alliance was formed as a Halo 4 clan after the folding of a former Halo: Reach clan. It was formed with it in mind to be a clan that was more than that. To be a community of like minded gamers, where everyone is able to voice their opinions and be apart of our success.

If you want to be competitive, play in clan battles we have a place for you! If you just want to play with some buds, relieve some stress after a long day at work or school, we have a place for you!

The Blood Gulch Alliance is more than a clan or a community, we are an experience, an experience we want to invite everyone to take a part in!

Basic Requirements:

Be at least 16 years of age
Have a working microphone
Be able to access our website regularly
Be able to attend regularly scheduled practices (competitive teams)

The Blood Gulch Alliance is currently under going some structural adjustments and now is the perfect time to get in and help us shape the future of the clan for Halo 4! If you want to make your gaming experience richer, visit our website today!

The Blood Gulch Alliance

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You will not regret giving BGA a shot, I am the head of the North American Competitive division. If you are into inner clan and outer clan competitive play than BGA is the place for you. We run the most up to date MLG variant customs working on all aspects of the game. Head on over to our website register and get to know the guys.

Feel free to send us friend requests and play some games with the guys if you wanna get a feel for BGA before trying out.

Besides our aspirations to become a highly competitive clan, with the means to do so, we’re a chill group of dudes

id love to play with you guys socially and perhaps some competition stuff add my GT buggz0407

Buggz please consider signing up for our forum, to be a part of BGA requires more than just playing the game. Thanks!

New week, we’re still open to new recruits, get in before practice on Wednesday!

I’d like to join up too, its boring playing by myself anymore. Send me a message on XBL or should I contact you?

Hey Ringtone, check out our website (link posted in first post). Sign up, add some members to your XBL friends list, and try and make it to some practices.

Look forward to gaming with you.

Ok cool, I signed in created an Enjin account and I’m on the site and all, but I can’t seem to find any Gamertags. I mean sure, I’ve seen a few members but I can’t be sure if there names are the same as their tags which they probably aren’t. And to top it off, the members page is blank, can someone post a few names that I could message over XBL?

BGA is still interested in increasing our ranks. Check out our site and come play some competitive Halo with us.

Blood Gulch Alliance


Have you filled out the application yet? Blood Gulch Alliance Application

Look forward to gaming with you!!

BGA is starting up an in-clan Doubles Tourney for members and Saturday morning doubles for members, recruits, and friends.

Reply back if interested!

We will also be participating in clan battles shortly, for anyone looking to join a competitive clan.

Sign up today so you have time to get settled before practice Wednesday!

Blood Gulch Alliance Application!

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We’re starting some inner clan battles, team doubles and singles. And we’re preparing teams for outer clan battles, 4v4 and even Big Team! Join now to participate in something greater than just getting in-game XP!

The Blood Gulch Alliance

1v1 Tournament starts tomorrow, check out to check it out!

BGA is currently establishing Objective and Slayer based competitive teams. We also offer numerous optional practices every week. Objective Mondays, Custom Wednesdays, Big Team Battle Thursdays and Saturday morning Doubles. On top of that we will be hosing a 2v2 tourney shortly and plan to host many more tournaments in the future. Check us out! Blood Gulch Alliance